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Article Marketing: A Simple Way to Boost Your Visibility

Article marketing is one of the most basic ways to boost your website’s visibility, and yet many online business owners overlook this extremely effective and inexpensive way to market themselves.  And marketing is the key to making money online.

The Internet has several online article directories, which were created solely to allow people who want to promote their online business-or those who simply enjoy the idea of writing and having someone read their work. These directories allow you to write keyword rich articles and have them online in a matter of days and sometimes instantly.

While signing up to these directories is simple, many do have basic rules you must follow including:

*Submission length-Several directories require specific article lengths, with strict limits. Articles will be rejected if they are not at least a specific word count or if they are too long.

*Plagiarism rules-Directories are looking for original content and most will reject an article that is an exact copy of something else on the Internet. Note we said “exact copy.” If you’ve written something that is similar to another submission, you should be fine.

*Subject matter-Many directories will reject articles based on subject matter or those that have too many keywords. Some directories, for example, will reject anything that promotes criminal behavior or is considered to be pornography.

*Limits-Some directories, at least initially, will limit the number of submissions you are allows to make.

Most directories have submission guidelines. Make certain to review them before making any submissions.

Perhaps the best part of these directories from a marketing standpoint is that they nearly always allow you to see how many times your article has been read and (this is important) how many click-throughs that article generated. That way you can see which titles or submissions created the most interest so you can tweak your marketing campaign.

Many directories allow you to make a few extra bucks through revenue sharing or Google Adwords. If you have an existing Adwords account, you can piggyback it onto your directory account.

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