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How to Get Content for Your Blog…

I’ve been SOOO busy wrapped up in personal stuff this month, that I’ve written no posts.  This is the most cardinal of sins of bloggers when starting out.  I apologize to those who regularly read this infant blog on how to make money online.  Some of my other projects took away my time.

The most common trait that all successful bloggers have is frequent and regularly scheduled content.

No one wants to read a blog that posts only once a month.  This is accomplished in one of 3 ways:

  1. Put yourself on a regular schedule for posting content
  2. Write several days worth of content and schedule WordPress (or similar content management system) to spread out the posts over several days
  3. Have guest bloggers post content for you
  4. Install a plug-in that automatically posts guest articles submitted by other bloggers


I subscribe to a great many email lists and I’ve noticed a few things concerning the 3 options above.  It’s stuff that I need to implement myself.  I need to walk the walk, so to speak.

On number 1, there are 2 downsides: Managing your ideas and managing your schedule…

First, you need to regularly come up with ideas to post about.  Sometimes the ideas don’t always flow as well as others.  You could keep a list of blog topics to write about in your niche and always add to it, so that when you need to write a post, you just grab a topic from your list.

Second, you need to schedule regular time to write these posts.  If you have a day job, or just have many things going on, it can be very difficult to set aside a regular amount of time to write blog posts.

Scheduling Content through WordPress…

WordPress has a great option for posting articles at any time or date that you want to.  In scheduling your posts through WordPress, you detach the write date of your article from the post date.  You could sit down for a few hours on one day, write 10 articles and have WordPress post them once every other day for 20 days.  You don’t have to do anything during that time regarding posting.  WordPress does it for you.  The only downside to this is that you still have to write articles.  Depending on what motivates you, this may be a great thing if you’re truly passionate about your topic.

Using Guest Bloggers…

You can choose to allow other people to create blog posts for you and in return, you allow them to post a link to their website or blog.  The disadvantage to this is that your site now loses it’s consistent tone and voice.  There are now multiple personalities represented, as well as differing opinions and motivations.  I’ve seen some blogger lose a large amount of their audience by walking away from blogging and just allowing nearly total domination of their site by guest bloggers.  This tends to happen to people as they become extremely successful blogging and want to spend more time enjoying their life after they’ve put in their time.  I can understand this.  You just need to make sure that the articles you allow are reviewing for consistency of feel.

Use an Automatic Guest Article Submitter…

I came across a neat little program called Unique Article Wizard when looking for ways to generate traffic a couple of weeks ago.  Several people have recommending it, so I looked into it.  There are a couple sides to it.  The main part of the program is an article submission tool that allows you to submit an article to thousands of sites and article directories with backlinks to your site, supposedly giving you big SEO juice with the search engines.  I hear very good things about this portion and many people on the web recommend it.  I believe I’ll be using it soon, once I get some more time to create more posts to fill my backlog.  :)

The back side to this Unique Article Wizard program is a WordPress plugin that allows you to get articles in your domain pushed to you automatically.  These are articles that are submitted by people above trying to get backlinks to their websites.  I haven’t used this service yet, but I’m considering trying it out on another website of mine to see the kind of quality it provides.  I’m somewhat skeptical and I’m wondering if it allows you to veto articles you don’t like or not.  I’ll write later about my experiences with this tool.

What are the consequences of not writing regularly?

The first consequence is that your readership becomes annoyed and stops reading.  The second is that the thousands of blogs created behind you that are contributing regularly will catch up in SEO juice to you from the search engines.  After all, the amount of content that you have is a strong indication of how authoritative your website is.  They’ll gain on your ranking.

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