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Knowing the Qualities of Traffic…

One of the biggest problems I have right now in learning how to make money online is gathering traffic.

Traffic is like the lifeblood of making money both online and offline…

It flows through your web pages bringing ideas and interest and trickles of money here and there.  The bigger the traffic that regularly flows through your site, the more products that will be bought and the more money that will flow into your bank account.  When traffic stops, your business dies.

Companies struggle to find the perfect advertising that puts their product in front of the largest amount of people.  They also struggle with finding the right people who will actually buy the products that they are trying to sell.

You want more traffic.  You want traffic that spends money.  You ideally want both.

I drew up a little picture that shows what I’m talking about.

traffic graph for how to make money online

To really make the most money, you really want to be in the green zone.  You want to have a lot of people spending a lot of money on a lot of your products.  The red zone is bad: very bad.

What is Higher Quality Traffic?

Higher quality traffic to someone who is selling something means traffic that buys.

People that spend money are usually thinking these things:

  • They really, really like what you’re selling
  • They really, really need what you’re selling.  They believe that your product will solve a problem of theirs.
  • They can afford to spend the money, or they think your product is more important than other things they need to spend their money on
  • They trust that the product you’re selling isn’t crappy

I’ve heard people like Tony Robbins and Eben Pagan talk about people having a certain need or pain in their lives.  They say that you need to target people with this pain and offer them something that takes away the pain.  People spend money on things they need.  Below are some quick examples I found within a few minutes on ClickBank. (see my post on affiliate marketing to understand what this is)

Pain can be caused by illness.  Weight loss and other targeted medical-related products sell like crazy.  Here are examples:


Pain can come from financial need.  Student loans and get-rich-quick products sell very well.


Pain comes from the need to be loved.  Dating products are one of the biggest money makers anywhere.


Pain can mean that the person next door has something and you don’t, and that makes you jealous.  That’s something that Apple caters to exclusively.  If you take desire, jealousy and envy off the table, there is not a single Apple product that would sell.  They have sexy, functional products that generate a lot of hype.  They aren’t needed to eat, breath, sleep or pay the bills, however.


More Traffic, Less Traffic, Repeat Traffic

Obviously, the more people that see something, the more people that will buy it or think about buying it.

But, there’s a little more to it.

You can bring in a constant flow of new people.  Sometimes this is an advantage because you can show the same thing to all of them and it doesn’t matter if you never change it, because they will probably only see it once.  This is great for one-time sales.  For example, if you permanently solve someone’s problem the first time, they don’t need to come back, but they may refer other people who have the same problem.  Many niche sites focus on this because they rarely have to update the product or content.

You can also have the same people visit over and over again.  This has the advantage of making people passionate about your site or product.  If what you offer is really great and can be bought time and time again, you don’t have to worry about reaching new people, just keep the ones you get.  This also means you need to keep offering new things.  This is what blogging is all about.

Overall, you need to be aware of what route you’re taking.  There is a lot of competition out there, but there is a lot of money to be made if you focus on something that isn’t crowded.

It can be great to have small traffic, if it buys really, really well.

It can also be great to have lower quality traffic, if you have a ton of it.


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