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The 5 Usual Steps to Making Money Online…

Below are the 5 basic steps to making money on the internet…

These are the same steps I see over and over and over again when reading, watching or listening to Information Marketing geniuses.  After a while, looking at this stuff creates some serious deja-vu.  This is the formula that most people sell and which REALLY does make billions of dollars on the internet.

  1. Identify what you’re passionate about
  2. Create a website where you offer good information about that subject
  3. Gain a following and gather leads by gaining their respect
  4. Offer/sell products that you or someone else has created
  5. Profit!

This is a fantastic business model.  It can be attributed to almost any successful website on the planet.  Facebook, Gawker, Autoblog, Engadget, Youtube, Slashdot…  All of these sites follow it.  They all started out tiny and grew huge.

…But this stuff is too general.  I need to know what to do at each step…

Sure, it applies to everyone, but it’s not really useful.  It needs to be broken down more.  I’m the kind of guy who needs to lay things out for them to make sense.  Let me take a stab at it…

Here are the 16 Elaborated Steps to Making Money Online…

  1. Define your Goals
  2. Register a New Business
  3. Pick a Topic you know about or want to know about
  4. Figure out what people search for on Google, Bing or Yahoo for this topic
  5. Register a domain name related to it
  6. Host the domain somewhere.  I prefer InMotionHosting.
  7. Install a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla
  8. Sign up for an email subscriber service.  I prefer Aweber.
  9. Add an email list sign-up component to your site
  10. Add your own style to the website (colors, images, etc)
  11. Post good free information and content on the site
  12. Sign up for affiliate programs
  13. Keep posting content on the site, gathering new readers
  14. Send emails to your list, offering free tips and information
  15. Occasionally send out offers for affiliate products to your list
  16. Profit!
  17. Go back to step 13…

The source of income with this approach is affiliate marketing.  You could substitute this for simple ads (Google, Bing or Yahoo).  You could also create your own product and advertise it on your site.

This seems so much more complicated, but 1 through 12 are done ONCE.

13-15 happen over and over again.

16(Profit!) happens over and over again too!

There are also ways to automate much of this process from what I’ve seen.  You can also outsource a lot of this process so that not much work falls on you.  The big gurus outsource almost all of it and then repeat the whole process for multiple sites.  Making a few thousand a month from each site ads up quickly if you have a dozen sites…

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