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Are eBooks in the Make-Money-Online Niche Dead?

the death of the ebook in the make money online nicheThe “Make Money Online” niche has become extremely crowded and competitive in the last couple of years.

I know this through conversations with other internet marketers and get-rich-quick gurus who have been around for years, through my own experience in trying to sell my first eBook on ClickBank, and just general observation in the field.

I’ve listened to dozens of audio interviews where a concept of “moving the free line” from Eben Pagan or Frank Kern(I can’t remember which one coined the term) is mentioned time and time again.  It’s also a well-known, basic concept in traditional economics.

As a marketplace becomes crowded and the products become more and more similar, they become commodities.

This means that there is no differentiator, or thing that is different, from product to product.  The price wars escalate, and then people start throwing in more and more free stuff.  Hence, “moving the free line.”

This has happened very quickly over the last couple of years in the “make money online” niche because, by  default, this niche sells products that create more competition in the same market.

Here’s a scenario:

So one marketer in this niche sells a product to 1500 people.  Out of those 1500 people, 300 create products or start websites to try to sell ClickBank products, or whatever the lesson is.  99% of them fail miserably because they fail to follow through and have the patience to keep going.  This means that 297 websites are sitting out there, incomplete, sometimes with complete garbage on them.  This clutters search engine results and makes the marketplace more difficult to rank websites in for the next batch of people who try to make it in that niche.

Everyone has a eBook.  eBooks that people once sold for $97 soon sold for $49, then $39, then $19.  People now use them as give-aways to get people to sign up for their mailing lists.

So, should you avoid creating an eBook, if you are in the make-money-online niche?

No.  eBooks are a great way of communicating information in a simple form that’s easy to put together.  Even if it’s an extremely difficult thing to sell by itself, it can always be used as a bonus if you sell another product.  It can also be used, as mentioned above, as an incentive for someone to sign up for your email list.  …and writing an eBook is excellent practice in writing and putting together information in a comprehensible way.

So, adjust your expectations and your strategy in using them and they can definitely still be worth your while.


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