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The Changing of the Google Slap…

One of the most feared predators of the information marketing industry is the infamous Google Slap.

The “Google Slap” has become a generic term in our industry for a rapid drop in ranking from the Google search engine for providing content that Google does not like when advertising through Google.  For individual websites or entire businesses that depend on Google rankings for traffic, having this happen is an absolute disaster that can possibly bankrupt you overnight.

Last week, Google implemented some changes to its search algorithms that could partly affect this Google Slap.

According to Google’s own blog, 11.8% of sites are affected by this change.


The change focuses on improving the quality of search results for the vast majority of Google users.  There has been a huge amount of websites that have popped up in recent years focused solely on providing minimal content and canvasing the site with money-making advertisements.  Many of these sites perform search engine optimization(SEO) so that they rank higher in Google rankings.  These low-quality sites have taken over top spots in many topics and have caused grief for Google with many users, who are sick of being spammed with crappy results.


The changes that Google has implemented have the effect of lowering the rankings of sites that provide little value or deliberately copy the content of other sites.


This can actually be a great blessing for those in our industry.  Those who don’t put forth any effort and just create nearly blank sites plastered with advertisements will not make any money.  People who provide value will increase in rank by default.

Those most heavily affected by this are content farms who push 1000’s of articles a month of content duplicated elsewhere on the web.

Word to the wise:  Focus on providing value to your visitors and the money will come.


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