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Multi Level Marketing Lead Generation Ideas For Free

What is the best sort of Free MLM Lead Generation?

Pretty simple. The kind you FOCUS on.

When I initially began trying to work out free mlm lead generation for my business I was all over the place. Making an attempt to find out everything all at one time – so fundamentally I knew what to do. Then I went to the subsequent one and learned that. And the next , and the next and the next…

Listen, that does not get you anywhere. You want to get your attitude right before you’re going to have achievement in anything. You have to have laser-like FOCUS in whatever you pick out whether it be in your private relations or any type of business and particularly when it comes to free mlm lead generation.

You will more than likely hear me talk about mind-set a lot. You hear a lot of folks talking about it too. There’s a good reason for that.

Simply, if you Don’t have your head in the right spot, if you don’t have absolute focus on what you’re doing there is not any way you’re going to get to where you need to be.

So if you aren’t there yet, do not go any further. Go get a book or audio-book on self help and listen or read every day. I enjoy most anything by Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and Napoleon Hill. Of coarse there is way more to choose from but that should be a great start.

Firstly I seriously recommend you get an email auto-responder like Aweber so that you can capture you OWN leads and build your list.

Forum marketing

“This is an amazing way to generate free mlm leads without needing to have a web site. A forum is place where people post questions and others answer them. Pretty much you can generate up about 15 leads a day if you habitually put this into action. Find about 5 forums that you wish to target and post to them 3 times each day.

Now the key here, and the way that we are going to use this specific tool for free mlm lead generation is your signature. Your signature is a like your email signature. You set it up once in your profile and you want to have some type of call to action in it with a link to your website that you are using for free mlm lead generation. If you already have a blog or squeeze page with an opt-in for from your autoresponder then send the traffic there. Or you can send them to your primary opportunity’s lead squeeze page.

Remember that the signature is what’s going to generate the traffic and you want to set that up first before going on and start posting!

Article marketing

“This is a great way to drive traffic to your internet site of your choice. It requires a little more time and effort to write up an article, but once it’s there, it’s there for good. The way that you can use an article site to your benefit is by adding links to your resource box (which is the equivalent to signatures in forum marketing). The best thing here though is you can customize your resources box on each individual post to make a call to action that coincides with your articles message.

Which brings me to my next point.

You need to be coming up with articles that target Keywords people are actually looking for and are relevant to your business. You can find keyword ideas by heading off to Google’s free keyword tool (just Google “keyword tool”) and entering one of your keyword ideas. Google will come back with some other related keywords. You need to pick ones that are really getting traffic and do not have much competition.

You need to be writing articles that target Keywords people are truly searching for and are relevant to your business. You will be able to find keyword ideas by going directly to Google’s free keyword tool (just Google “keyword tool”) and entering one of your keyword ideas. Google will come back with a handful of other related keywords. You want to pick ones that are essentially getting traffic and don’t really have much competition.

Make Use of Video

Open an account on YouTube. Do some keyword analysis as I described with article marketing and… Make a video about it. Put that keyword as a part of the Title for the video. In the description put a link to the site you wish to send traffic to first. That way people can see and click on it without expanding the description box. Then after that put a little outline about the video and use the keyword once. If you use this plan, do it twice a day.

One more thing. Remember to share your stuff with other folks. Utilize a service like Tribe Pro. Send it out to everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter.

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