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Get More Tumblr Followers Easily and Effortlessly

The social networking platform called Tumblr is a mini-blogging platform that has built an incredibly popular network over the last four years. Tumblr makes micro-blogging simple and probably one of the main reasons it h as become so popular is that it is unbelievably simple to use. Posting videos, making social commentaries or just making friends is easy on this network and to get more Tumblr followers is just a simple as posting to this social networking community.

Add to your followers, by liking everyone you see. Popularity, or as the microbloggers on Tumblr put it; Tumblarity is based upon liking others so they like you back. Fortunately, there is a lot to like on Tumblr for almost any taste, so liking or reposting is not as hard as it might seem.

An important rule to becoming popular on this or any other platform is to keep posting even during your busy times. Tumblr makes it super simple to post during exams, on holiday or when you are away simply by queuing up timed posts so that while you are on the beach far from your network, your posts keep rolling out on time. The quality of content though has an impact on how popular a person will actually be as well since few people are going to actually enjoy boring content. So don’t post rubbish as it will not help bring in new followers.

Now if you just joined this popular social network don’t despair because no one likes you yet, it can happen fast. All you have to do is jump on the follow me train, an expression for a post meant to get more followers and you are certain to increase in Tumblarity quickly. Everyone wins because if you like them, they are likely to like you back especially if you happen to have something interesting to say.

A personal photo, interesting quotes, and community participation are part of growing a following on Tumblr. This is a very personal type of interaction and photos help people feel they know who they are following. Videos are always popular because they feel more interactive than just posts .

Notice the most popular microblogs on this site seem willing to invest the time to post interesting content, music or videos several times a day. These ultra popular sites comment on other’s posts and participate in community activities and that is how they get more Tumblr followers, and a good part of why they are popular. While most bloggers start with few friends it doesn’t take long to grow the numbers if you are social.

Social networking is becoming the standard road to internet fame for many. In fact social networks are so well integrated into our electronic society that references to them can be found in print and on television and in daily conversations. Tumblr is social networking at its most basic, and yet still remains creative and interesting.

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