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How to Give Your Blog Posts Attractive Titles

If there’s one thing that makes a difference between a great post and a terrible post then that has to be the headline. If you have a bad title for your article, the chances that your post is also bad are quite high. …and a bad post can mean that your traffic won’t buy your products or click on your advertisements.  This means less money that you can make from your blog.  Read on to find out how you can write attractive titles.

Focus on the Benefit:

Good headlines are known to not only attract the attention of your target audience, but also convey a message – which is nothing but the benefit the reader would derive. Anybody that comes across your blog post would read the title first and ask himself, “What’s in it for me?”, which is why you need to communicate the benefit in the best possible way. Your audience will probably not be bothered to read further if the headline of your post isn’t clear regarding the content of your post. You need to offer your readers a compelling reason to read your entire post and the way to do that is by constructing a highly interesting post title. If you look around, you’ll notice that most of the popular blogs out there have the most creative titles, but at the same time they convey the message behind the post in the most apt manner.

Controversy Sells:

Controversy always attract attention, no matter what niche you are in, so if you can create a little controversy or spark a debate with the title of your post then you are guaranteed to garner the attention of your audience. Since it isn’t applicable in every situation, you need to pay special care where you employ this strategy. Always try to keep your blog post titles honest to the content of your post, which means if it isn’t something that’s controversial, then don’t create that impression with your post title. Offering people that little bit extra than they expect after reading the title is what will convince them to keep reading your article all the way to the end. We aren’t necessarily referring to being negative when we say to spark a debate or to be controversial. People are always sharing their opinions, so you can too.

Start with a Question:

One highly effective method of getting your audience to read your article is to turn the headline into a question. There are many blogs that utilize this method of writing a headline and most of the time it is successful. This particular tactic is effective because it makes use of the readers curiosity and pushes him/her to read further. However, the question that you’re posing here should make sense and it should actually be relevant to your target audience. Pose questions that require an immediate answer because they are connected to very important issues in your niche. If you pose a compelling question, you will be able attract a larger portion of traffic.

Attracting an audience and keeping them is the key to succeeding as a blogger. Succeeding as a blogging means making more money online from your blog.  You are missing out on a lot of traffic if you aren’t doing your best to write amazing titles.

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