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What it Takes to Attract Lots of Return Visitors to Your Blog

Many bloggers struggle when it comes to converting their visitors into consistent readers. You can enjoy having more return traffic to your blog by keeping the following tips in mind.  And more traffic means more passive income and more online money in your pocket.

Ask for them to Take Action:

Whether you want your blog readership to become new RSS subscribers or comment on your blog, request that they take action at the end of your blog posts. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. The main way to create successful blog readerships is by getting them to take some kind of action. This would make them a member of your blog. At the end of every post, make a request for your readers to complete an action that will benefit them just as much as it will you. For instance, you can leave your readers with a question that demands their opinion. Or, you can remind them to subscribe to your RSS feed to stay updated. Develop a creative strategy. Become knowledgeable about the kinds of things that you can do to turn blog visitors into consistent blog readers.

Speak to Your Visitors:

If your blog is not creating a solid bond with your readers, then it does not have a strong footing. If you want your new visitors to turn in to readers for life, then you have to bond with them. This does not mean that you converse with them here and there. But, you should build up a strong bond. Respond to your visitor’s comments. Let them know that you are around when they need you. Inquire if there is anything you can help them with or just get their viewpoint after every post. There are many things that you can do to get them to open up. But, before this, you have to make the effort to bond with your readers. When you have formed this kind of bond, your readers will think of you as a person whom they can trust. When they are reading your blog, they will see you as being credible.  Credible bloggers have the trust of their readership and make more money than others in promoting their products.

Don’t Make it Hard to Subscribe:

You really want lots of readers subscribing to your blog through your RSS feed or by email. Keeping this in mind, don’t make it too difficult for your visitors to subscribe to your blog when they want to. Hiding the subscribe button in the corner of your blog will do more harm than good. You should actually consider adding a strong call to action along with the subscribe option so that your visitors instantly notice it. Remember, the more subscribers you get to your blog, the better are their chances of coming back for more.

Getting people to notice your blog among the millions of others is always a challenge. Your blog has to be original and valuable enough that people who land on it will have a reason to want to come back.

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