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What is a Blog? -A Little History.

There is a widespread opinion that a blog – is an online journal, a diary kept by a certain author, talking about what he thought, dreamed, and saw, and the notes about things like that are published on the blog in reverse chronological order and sorted by categories.

So, the blog involves the regular publication of similar individual content chosen at the sole discretion of its author.

Well, this interpretation of the term “blog” has a right to exist, but if you look into the eyes of the obvious facts, it becomes clear that such an understanding of the blog was correct, when this kind of resources just appeared. But since then a lot of time has passed and new technologies, emerging almost on a daily basis, have substantially broadened the concept of “blog.”

That is why it is necessary to look at blogs and blogging from a somewhat other perspective, evaluating how blogs should look like, what problems they are designed to solve and why they are created.

When blogs first emerged, they were understood, perceived and developed as one variety of dynamic informational sites, regularly publishing a certain type of information in the format of the printed text. This information displayed the course of events, just as everything happening is regularly fixed in the log book of every vessel, plowing the expanses of world Ocean.

Similarly, blogs were created by the authors on almost any themes – starting from the dairy of his private life and finishing with steps taken in his marketing work and results.

But the Internet as we know is not standing in one place and is developing quite fast.

Emerging new technologies, formats, methods and channels of information affect virtually all aspects of the World Wide Web, including blogging. The evolution began with the fact that the printed text was first diluted and then in some cases was completely replaced by other formats of information transmission.

And the mass of bloggers picked up the tendency started to expand the horizons of this media.

Seems like today everybody wants to have a blog and using blog marketing software any user can make it real.

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