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New Resource Page…

I just added a resource page to make it easy to find links to the tools and other resources that I find useful.  I’ll be adding to this page periodically as I find additional products that make my life easier and make me more money.  Right now, I have several categories: Information Marketing Products Traffic Tools Web Hosts Product Directories Email List Management Website Creation   The Resource page is easy to find from anywhere on the site.  It’s one of the menu items on the top title bar.  I also have a link to it here: Resources for Making Money   They currently have a small handful of tools listed.  This page will get larger over the next few weeks and month, so stay tuned!  As always, if you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to share.     … Read entire article »

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How to Get Content for Your Blog…

I’ve been SOOO busy wrapped up in personal stuff this month, that I’ve written no posts.  This is the most cardinal of sins of bloggers when starting out.  I apologize to those who regularly read this infant blog on how to make money online.  Some of my other projects took away my time. The most common trait that all successful bloggers have is frequent and regularly scheduled content. No one wants to read a blog that posts only once a month.  This is accomplished in one of 3 ways: Put yourself on a regular schedule for posting content Write several days worth of content and schedule WordPress (or similar content management system) to spread out the posts over several days Have guest bloggers post content for you Install a plug-in that automatically posts guest articles submitted … Read entire article »

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