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  1. Because these are observations of small samples of other people, it’s important to note that the methods I document or link to are not the normal or average results that can be expected. There are soooo many factors that play into the possible success that people have when attempting to become wealthy. Since I cannot control many of those factors for you, such as willpower and determination, I cannot guarantee your personal results.
  2. Some of the links I provide may make me money. Please make use of these great products I find that help our cause of making money.  If this offends you, you are REALLY at the wrong site and I’m absolutely sure you will hate the overall underlying capitalist theme here.
  3. Please expect, that as a default, anything I post is never meant to offend anyone.  If you are offended by something posted, please let me know in the comments or via email and I’ll try to resolve the situation.

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