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List of Product Topic Finding Methods

Determining Topics

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Whatever you’re doing online or offline in terms of creating or offering something to sell, the very first thing you need to do is determine the topic.  I assume that if you started out with a topic already in mind, you wouldn’t be reading this post.  So, there are several ways to go about this.  Choosing a topic can make or break your online or offline business, so I’m going to spend some time on this to give you your best chance at being successful…


If you are passionate about some things, that is a good place to start.  You will instantly have stuff to say about these topics and creating things surrounding these topics will be easier for you, right off the bat.

  • Write down a list of hobbies that you have.  This could be following soccer, customizing your car, reading science fiction novels, or playing with your dog.  Maybe you run after work or really know everything there is to know about cupcake stores in your area.
  • Write down a list of things you’d like to have.  This could be the latest DSLR camera, an infinity swimming pool, or that shiny candy apple red Lamborghini Aventador you saw downtown last week.  Chances are, if you want it, a bunch of other people do too.  Unless you’re just really, really weird.


Other People’s Passions

Look at the people around you:  family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, the really nice cashier that you chat with at the grocery store.  Everyone has passions, interests and hobbies.

  • If you already know some of these interests and hobbies, write them down.
  • If you don’t, ask these people what their interests are, what they do for fun, or how they pass the time when their spouse is busy.  Interview them or just bring it up in casual conversation.


Mainstream Attraction

If you are immediately thinking commercially and want something instantly in the categories of topics that the majority of people are interested in, then here are some tips.

The Usual Topics:

There are some long-standing topics that rule the internet, and other forms of media.  These high-level topics get millions of hits per day on the search engines and have unlimited niches that you can derive from them.

  • Self-improvement:  This has so many sub-categories, it’s ridiculous.  Weight-loss, acne-removal, breast-enhancement, running faster, sleeping better, anger management, erectile dysfunction, and organizing your life.  So many things to choose from.
  • How-to:  So many people come to the internet because they need direct help with something.  Maybe they are shoulder-deep in their car’s engine trying to replace the alternator, or their kids just drew with crayon on their favorite slacks.  They need a solution and they need it now.
  • Making more money:  Obviously, this topic is the one this site focuses on.  Everyone can use more money, except Bill Gates.  He has a team of folks trying to figure out how to best spend his money on charities.  There is building your own business, adding to existing income through passive means, selling things online, and improving an existing business or income, how to get out of debt, or how to best invest your 401k.
  • Travel:  This is a broad topics where you can focus on the destinations or the trip there.  Airline flights, and how to get them, boats, cars, RVs and anything associated with them.  …Or millions of different locations and what makes them special.  You could talk about that special cove you found while diving in the Bahamas when you went on your honeymoon, or that neat little cafe near your parent’s house that has a special place in your heart.
  • Food:  Everyone eats.  Everyone has kinds of foods they prefer.  You can choose specific types of cuisine and how to make it, or focus on attributes of certain foods, like gluten-free, or specific diets.


Look at what other types of media focus on:

  • Magazines:  Go to your local bookstore or grocery store and look at the magazine racks.  Write down what the topics of each magazine are.  Magazines are very laser-targeted and their topics have been honed over extensive market research in most cases.  These topics are things that people are definitely interested in.
  • Books:  Look at the books on or Barnes&  Amazon best-selling books range across numerous topics.  Write down what you find and any of these could make excellent topics.
  • Misc Goods:  Look at the Best-sellers list.  Amazon lists the best-selling items for each of their product categories.  Choosing popular goods for topics can be very fruitful. (
  • TV Shows:  In the past few years, so many new TV shows have been created that start trends on various topics.  Lately, restoring cars, making cupcakes, and flipping houses are popular.  Flip through your channel guide and write down topics that catch your eye.  They are catching other eyes as well, and that’s why you will want them.


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